Code Enforcement Officer II

- 28.00 HOURS


CEAT, in conjunction with the Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), coordinates the Basic Code Enforcement Officer course required for certification by the state of Texas. CEAT also coordinates the Code Enforcement Officer II course. Upon passage, TEEX awards a certificate. Each year courses are planned and held throughout the state. Basic Code Enforcement is generally held on a monthly basis from September through May. Code Enforcement Officer II is held in February at a minimum.

Regional meetings are held several times a year in each of the seven regions making it convenient for everyone to obtain required annual Continuing Education toward certification renewal.


Code Enforcement Officer II

TEEX Course Fee – Fees Vary
CEAT Fee- $50

The Exam will be held the last day of class. Exam Fee is $65.00 and is payable to CEAT. (A CEAT representative will be there to collect fees and issue receipts.)

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